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Ksm Music Services

Vocal and Instrumental Music for Church and Civic Ceremonies, wedding receptions, dinner and lawn parties, post-dinner entertainments and floor shows


What do we do:

We provide customised music for:

  •  your wedding ceremony – civil or religious (all faiths)

  • Birthday parties/dinners

  • Art exhibition launches

  • Website launches

  • Corporate events

  • Floor Shows

  • your pre-dinner reception and/or gathering/registration

  • your wedding/conference supper/dinner.

  • your coffee entertainment


So, where do I start?

Civil Ceremony or Church Music (All faiths)

The civil ceremony is the ‘new kid on the block’, at least in Ireland and tends to favour instrumental rather than vocal music. The ceremony is considerably shorter than the church ceremony so the musical input, if anything, is even more important.

Don’t fell bad if you feel confused or intimidated. Brides and grooms often say “I/we have no idea where to begin” or “ I’m completely unmusical” or “I don’t want anything too highfalutin’ but I want it to be different’ or “The ceremony music is very important to us ------it must get the day off to a truly special start”.........


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